Summer tips for Men

1. Befriend a daily face wash.

Maintaining a clean face is key year-round, but as the sun is apt to make you sweat more, keeping pores unclogged is more challenging during warm-weather months. A deep-cleaning face wash that’s formulated for daily use frees skin of the muck that accumulates over the course of the day without over-drying. Once daily is enough, but add a second wash on extra active afternoons.


2. Stay hydrated.

We’re not just talking about guzzling H2O here, although that’s certainly important, too. Hydrate your skin with a daily facial moisturizer (the stuff’s not just for winter) to prevent your face from overproducing its own oils—and leaving you with a shiny nose and forehead. Plus, many moisturizers come with built-in SPF, which could mean cutting one step from your skincare routine.

3. Armor On

Sunscreen is your no. 1 weapon against skin cancer and signs of aging. But don’t be fooled by the SPF numbers on bottles of block: While it seems that a higher SPF means more protection, docs say that lower SPFs are just fine for most. SPF 15 blocks 93% of rays, while an SPF 30 rejects 97%. Also, make sure you’re wearing a broad-spectrum SPF, meaning it blocks both UVA and UVB rays.

4. Save face.

Using the same sunscreen on your body and face can irritate sensitive skin or cause acne-prone skin to break out. Instead, pick an oil-free, water-based block that’s specifically formulated for your face.

5. Exfoliate often.

No matter how often you wash your face, use a scrub a few times a week to get a deeper clean. Exfoliating frees your skin of pore-clogging residue and dead skin cells; it also opens up hair follicles, allowing for a closer and safer shave.